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Video of us navy divers arriving on the scene of a major traffic accident (video). We were surprised to learn from local media that the crash was caused by someone who was riding a bicycle. I felt that the accident had an element of safety, but this could have been prevented."

According to the Associated Press and ABC News, there was no cause for concern but did urge motorists not to ignore the warning signs.

One of the victims was a 19-year-old driver of an SUV driving about 50 mph on the interstate. The driver apparently got out of his SUV and was struck by three other vehicles. The driver of a tractor-trailer, which was transporting food, had the brakes on and stopped when the car crossed the center lane. The tractor trailer then drove into the car that had hit the truckers.

Some of those who were hurt have been flown to San Francisco hospitals. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

ABCnews.com's David Wilson contributed to this report.

Public not aware of extent of arthritis treatment programs at VA," 9 May 2014

But, even with that caveat, this is hardly a comprehensive list of what VA is doing with the problems of veterans, or even a comprehensive list of things it should be doing. It's a very short summary of a complex, sometimes opaque, complex and dangerous situation.

As a follow-up to a lengthy article that I wrote in January, I also published the summary below.

When Veterans Affairs is Too Complicated and Stalled on the Choice of Alternative Providers?

I've previously been a guest columnist in The Huffington Post on the topic of VA. Here's an interview we conducted about the VA scandal, and my previous post on the issues involved with the Veterans Health Administration (VA).

Veterans can read the original article from that article here.


Vox's Ezra Klein posted this, which I found interesting as I was reading it. He explains why the VA scandal is different from all others the government has faced on this blog, and in this blog and elsewhere:

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